Baymak follows applicable legal and other conditions regarding environment and energy in the process of manufacturing its products, from their design, up to their disposal, in order to leave a more livable and sustainable world to new generations. In this regard, Baymak is committed to:

  • To follow an uncompromising policy regarding our environmental sensitivity and strive for preventing environmental pollution as well as continuously increasing our energy performance;
  • Following the latest technological developments to attain energy efficiency in manufacturing, to consume less raw materials and natural resources as well as focusing on designs and investments that enables us to manufacture energy efficient products;
  • To hold trainings for the purpose of increasing environmental consciousness and awareness of energy efficiency;
  • To purchase and manufacture recyclable products/services which enables us to be energy efficient;
  • To adopt a zero waste management policy and ensure that waste material is sorted at the source, recycled and disposed according to environmentally sensitive methods;
  • To take precautions that decreases carbon emissions caused by manufacturing processes and regular activities;
  • To ensure that knowledge regarding Environment and Energy management processes will be shared with all stakeholders within and outside the corporation;
  • To provide all information and resources regarding objectives and targets determined in the framework of Environment and Energy management processes, and to ensure constant improvements.