We are seeing rapidly developing new technologies more and more in every field of our life.

We are now living in a world where consumers become more self-aware, and are preferring brands which answer their needs and provide special solutions. Thus we founded Baymak on this approach, on “understanding people”, in the change process that begun with the BDR Thermea acquisition in 2013, which is one of the leading groups in its sector in Europe. Our business is to get in touch with people, understand them, communicate with them, and to uphold our principle of constant development and togetherness. Baymak’s values require being respectful to people, being just, being transparent, being honest and innovative. Baymak, also backed by the global power of BDR Thermea in striving to actualize these values, is making a difference in the sector by its fast, dynamic and modern structure.

Today, the priority of the Baymak family, with its 1,000 dealers encompassing all of Turkey, 2,100+ sales points and more than 1,500 service technicians and employees, is always to put customer satisfaction in the first place. Baymak, as one of the leading companies of the sector, is continuing to set an example to the sector as a company which operates in Turkey and invests in Turkey. Ender Çolak