The ISO 9001 compatible Quality Management System and the ISO 10002 compatible Customer Satisfaction Management System were established to support determined targets, and are continuously improved and controlled. We are committed to:

  • Adhering to current regulations and standards in order to ensure satisfaction of end customers and stakeholders during our activities;
  • To make a difference in service levels and always attain leadership in the market through developing new business models, and integrating this difference to the established quality management system;
  • To hold trainings that will give support in reviewing, analyzing and evaluating all feedback coming from customers; to develop expert staff through Baymak Academy, to train unqualified workers and to lead other corporations in this respect;
  • Utilizing our 7/24 open call center and extensive service network, to address the needs of customers in the shortest time possible at all times;
  • To track customer complaints systematically and finalise them as soon as possible, and inform customers accurately, and on time;
  • To ensure that private data belonging to our customers will not be shared with third parties and corporations without consent of the customers;
  • To provide all information and resources required for reaching determined targets, and using the continuous improvement approach, to increase the efficiency in all our processes to the level where our global competitiveness is ensured.