Baymak continues to work on providing ultimate satisfaction to its customers not only in hardware but also in services by utilizing the power of education, considering tomorrow as well as today.

Continuously investing in the future of its sector, Baymak opened Baymak Academy, which embraces a human concentric value system, and aims to ensure that the current and future workforce of the sector, as well as the members of the Baymak family, will serve with the utmost knowledge in their respective fields.

The aim of the trainings in Baymak Academy is to provide support in service training and complement the applied trainings. All the courses are given in an applied manner, by using the very devices and appliances themselves.

There is an automation system comprising of miscellaneous devices in Baymak Academy, consisting of 54 products, as well as 9 automation and 5 plumbing integration units, totaling at 68 - ranging from boilers to natural gas powered stoves in the heating group, water boosters for fires to circulation pumps in the water group, cooling devices, system support equipment, automation units and futureproof appliances using and generating renewable energy.

There are different courses in Baymak Academy, which all are free for all participants; ranging from Trainings for the Call Centers, to Licensed Service Stations, Licensed Service Personnel, B2C and B2B Sales Channels, Plumbing Personnel, Corporate Project/Planning Management and Gas Distribution as well as parallel courses prepared according to the official curriculum for Colleges/Universities and Technical Schools.