What are condensing and full condensing wall hung boilers?
Condensation is the transformation of a matter which is in the gas state to the liquid state, generating heat in the process.

In conventional (standard efficiency) wall hung boilers, when natural gas is burned, the resultant waste gas and the water vapour exits directly from the chimney. However in condensing (high efficiency) wall hung boilers, due to a heat exchanger added in front of the waste gas system, the water vapor in the gas is separated before the waste gas exits from the chimney, and transformed into energy to be used again. In this way, natural gas is used more efficiently and harmful gas emissions are reduced.

Full condensing wall hung boilers are high efficiency systems which lead to maximum saving.

Why should I prefer a full condensing wall hung boiler?
First of all, with a full condensing wall hung boiler, one can obtain more heat by burning less natural gas. To clarify with an example, in a conventional wall hung boiler, most of the heat obtained from the natural gas is expelled from the chimney, whereas this loss is prevented in a condensing wall hung boiler. Thus, it is possible to save 25-35% on natural gas consumption with a good building insulation, a sufficient amount of panel radiators, and well planned plumbing.

In full condensing wall hung boilers, the length of the flame can be adjusted according to need; the operation is conducted in a modulated fashion. These wall hung boilers have high burn efficiency regarding consumed gas amount thanks to their fan modulation, and they work much more silently. Condensing wall hung boilers are also environment friendly with their lower emission rates.

What should I consider when buying a condensing wall hung boiler?
When choosing a condensing wall hung boiler, the most important matter is the area of the place to be heated. Then, in order to obtain sufficient yield from the condensing wall hung boiler, you have to check the planned plumbing and the amount of radiators. Condensing boilers incorporate high technology, so it will be good to choose a dependable brand, with a wide service network for the required yearly maintenance checks.

When will the system pay for itself?
Condensing wall hung boilers consume less gas and energy compared to standard wall hung boilers. So, the initial investment cost may seem to be higher, but one will save money once using the condensing boiler. The conditions of the area and the building where the condensing boiler is used, as well as the general climate of the area contributes to the duration. Condensing wall hung boilers usually pay for themselves in 2 to 3 years. For instance, a condensing wall hung boiler in İstanbul can pay for itself in 3 years, whereas in the Eastern districts this duration can be around 2 years. After this period one can continue using the high efficiency condensing wall hung boiler and pay lower natural gas bills.

Which types of plumbing is suitable to use condensing wall hung boilers?
Condensing wall hung boilers can be used in all kinds of plumbing systems. They can work with underfloor heating and regular radiator systems used widely in homes, but they can offer greater levels of energy conservation when used in underfloor heating systems, since these systems operate at lower temperatures.

How much area can I heat with condensing wall hung boilers?
For regular apartments in Turkey with heat insulation, the general heating areas are calculated as follows:
20,000 kcal/h up to 140 m²
26,000 kcal/h up to 200 m²
Also, Baymak’s 35,000 kcal/h rated products can offer efficient heating solutions for big apartments with an area close to 400 m².

How is the system installed and who can do it?
You can apply to the technical service via the corporate web page of the company you bought your boiler from, or you can call the customer service number on the bill. Please don’t open the product package until the authorized service arrives.
Each year many users face serious problems with their equipment due to applications by pirate or unauthorized services. So you should carefully check that the technical service pages you find on web searches are the original pages of the relevant companies.

What should I pay attention to during installation?
One should take care that the wall chosen for the boiler installation is not moist or inclined. Also the wall should be free from accessories like iron constructions, which can make installation more difficult. If the balcony is chosen for installation, one should certainly have a safeguarding cabinet made for the boiler. Another consideration regarding choosing an installation point is that, the condensed water generated in the chimney during condensation has to be connected to a closed drain. Also one has to ensure that the installation is executed according to the technical specifications of the gas distribution company.

What is the economic life and guarantee period of the system?
State institutions have determined that boilers can be used for 15 years. Depending on the company chosen, the guarantee period can be more than 2 years.
It is important that the boiler has a long life, but also you have to ensure that its performance stays the same over time, in other words, the savings it offers stays the same. For this reason you should follow the terms of use and have regular maintenance checks done before winter months.

Why should I choose idee?
idee is just the boiler you are looking for in the condensing wall hung boiler market, with its user friendly, elegant and compact design, high technology, high performance, and very silent operation.
idee boilers can attain 94% efficiency, enabling you to save up to 30% percent on gas bills. Their heat exchangers are long-lasting and durable, they are failsafe and won’t surprise you with unexpected costs. With their 3 year guarantee period and low service costs, as well as robust products and low bills, idee boilers are the best candidate for your home.

Can hot water reach all places at the same time?
Due to the Baymak idee sensitive modulation, the control equipment adjusts the gas/air ratio in the best way, and ensures you have the comfort of hot water at any any time, in all places around your home. idee 28 high capacity expansion tank provides more that 14 liters of water per minute, thus ensuring that all radiators in the home heat uniformly.

Does İdee boilers take much space?
idee boilers are Baymak’s products where aesthetics and technology come together, and with their capacity of 25-43 liters, they take as little space as a water dispenser. idee boilers have been designed to offer our customers a new living area; with the operating sound level of 38 decibels, they don’t make noise more than a whisper.

Is transportation and installation of idee boilers easy?
idee systems can also be used with room thermostats, and offer accurate control means with Opentherm control equipment. idee boilers also can be programmed to show their maintenance periods. Their modular structure makes it possible to access technical details and parts easily. The idee design is super compact with 26 kgs of weight and 54 cm height, and is easy to transport and install.